Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Adventure I have never blogged before, but since I am about to embark on this journey to New Mexico to seek "non traditional" medical intervention and many of my sweet friends have asked me to keep them updated I decided that I might blog for the next couple weeks.  I have absolutely NO time to blog at home in Fayetteville, but while i am getting my treatment in NM I will have nothing but time!

My only intention in writing this blog is to keep my sweet friends and family updated on my progress and for others to learn from my experience.  I am hoping that I have amazing results and that if others are struggling with chronic conditions that this might be an answer for them as well.  Feel free to pass my blog along to anyone that might benefit.

A little background on my health history....I have battle Rheumatoid Arthritis for 14 years and over the past 9 months my RA has gotten progressively worse to the point of not functioning very well on a daily basis while going up on prednisone (steroids) at an alarming rate.  I have always pursued the "big pharma" route and tried almost every treatment available  (Enbrel, Humira, Orencia, Remicade, Actemra, methotrexate, Arava...and the list goes on).  The last treatment (Rituxan) my doctor recommended to me comes with a risk of irreversible dementia that eventually results in death.  Now, I have never been put off by side effects, but this one was different due to the fact that it has NO treatment once you are diagnosed.  The risk is only 3 in 100,000, so I have a better chance of getting struck by lighting, but if you are one of those really STINKS for you.  SOOOOO.....i have started on a different journey for now.

I am heading out to New Mexico on March 12th to try infusions of Alpha Lipoic Acid.  This is an antioxidant that is found in organ meats,various green veggies, and yeast.  To achieve the most powerful effects of this antioxidant, it must be infused via IV because we can't metabolize enough through eating alone (not to mention animal organ meats?  Kidney, anyone? YUMMY!).  Great link to look at if interested in how ALA works in our bodies and other diseases it has been shown effective at managing:

So there is a physician in New Mexico that is infusing patients with ALA with dramatic results.  My dad, a traditional doctor (surgeon) who has never embraced the more holistic treatments, is travelling with me.  He is currently ordering ALA for another patient with RA who sees this same physician.  She has been doing the ALA treatment for a year with dramatic results.  She is off ALL her other medication.  My dad is convinced that this will work and wants to support me in this journey as well as learn!  SO...we are heading out on this Daddy/Daughter trip together. 

As I prepare to leave, here is the tally of meds I am on:

40 mg of prednisone a day
2000 mg of Cellcept
Hydrocodone (AM dose) keep pred as low as possible
7.5 mg Lisinopril

I will try to blog daily as I receive 2 infusions every day for 2 weeks.  I would also ask that you pray for me and my family.  It is going to be hard to be away from my sweet husband and two sweet sons, but the purpose of this trip is my getting better so I can function better as a wife and mother.  I pray for a speedy recovery, but I also pray that God's Will be done.  For 14 years I have prayed for healing, but sometimes we are called to NOT be healed.  If this is the Lord's plan for me then I ask for peace.  Most importantly, I pray that His Glory is shown.....


  1. Wow, Elli, I pray this will be God's answer for you. You have suffered for so long. I'm looking forward to following your holistic journey! God bless you!
    Pat Crow

  2. I'm just starting this blog, sweet Elli. I have come to realize this horrid disease has actually been a blessing in my life. Maybe it is God's plan for us to learn from it and above all help others. I do know this, God doesn't desire us to be in pain and suffer, and if we are really blessed, we can make the best of it!

    Love you,