Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full Dose

This morning, I started on the 300mgs of  ALA and finally this afternoon I received the full dose of the 600mgs of Alpha Lipoic Acid.  I haven't had any reactions and the only side effect is fatigue.  I can't figure out if that is actually from the drug or from the disease process, because I was at an all time energy low when I arrived here, so it is hard to distinguish.

So far my inflammation remains the same, however I am coming off my prednisone.  I am now down to 30mgs a day.  My dad is encouraging me in this just because I have this time out here in NM without kids to manage and to help physically.  I only have to manage myself and my days here are pretty undemanding, from a physical standpoint.  I am grateful to be out here with my Dad. 

I believe it is God' will for me to be here.  I have pushed the idea of coming here off for many months due to "logistics".  When thinking about coming out here, it seemed impossible to leave my family for 2 weeks.  Who would take care of my kids? What would I do with my business? How would I get the treatments when I got home? .... and the list of questions went on.  When Rituxan was suggested to me as a treatment I initially signed up immediately, without hesitation, because I was so desperate to feel better.  When my family finally sat me down and talked to me about my options and coming out here...all the pieces just fell into place.  It was NOT coincidence...it was GOD!  He has a great  plan for me and although I am not sure what it is right now....my prayer is that I can willingly submit to whatever that plan looks like.  Healing or no healing, His Plan is perfect and during these "valleys"  I don't want to forget how many blessings I have in my life. 

Thank you for supporting me in this by your sweet comments, encouragement and prayers. 

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