Friday, March 11, 2011

First Step

Well...I am officially getting ready to leave.  Today has been CRAZY running around preparing.  I spent the morning snuggling my kiddos and tearfully put them on the plane with Daddy.  The rest of the day has been trying to get myself ready to leave.  People have asked me what I am going to do with all this time?!?!?  I really haven't had time to process it until now.  As I was walking around Target, it dawned on me that I am going to actually have time to read a book (or 2 or 4)! So...I bought a book.

I love being a mom, and that is why I stay home with my kids, but you do have very little time for yourself.  I don't mind, however thinking about a whole 2 weeks without tending to anyone else but myself is a little bit daunting. 

My dad is on his way to my house right now.  He will arrive here tonight and we will head out in the morning. When we decided to go to New Mexico for this treatment, we all (whole extended family) had tickets to Montana for Spring skiing.  I assumed that my dad and I would just change our destination to NM...I should have known...MY dad LOVES to drive.  This is my first long roadtrip in a REALLY long time.  My little boys and big guy will be skiing in Montana with my mom, sisters and their cousins, so i will miss them more than they will miss me! 

Funny little story for those of you who know about my kids and just about travelling with kids in general......Justin called from the Denver airport and had them all set up in a corner somewhere with toys, snacks, lovies, etc.  We had to get off the phone once for Taylor "spitting" at Daddy...our second try at talking, Taylor wanted to play with one of the computers.  Justin offered him one of the two....the blue one or the green one....Taylor wanted the orange one...that was the last I heard from them....MELTDOWN!

My appointment is on Monday morning at 11am.  From what I understand, I will start infusions as soon as possible.  The first week of infusions some patients have the experience of first getting worse before getting better.  I am not looking forward to that, but will do just about anything to feel better at this point, so if it takes getting worse...then so be it!  My prayer is to be able to come off my prednisone as quickly as possible.  I have been on high doses for quite some time and it puts me at a significant risk for fighting simple infections. 

I serve the Great Physican that has no limits or boundaries....The Lord is in control and His Plan is perfect for me.

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