Monday, March 14, 2011

First Infusion!

Today was a big day for me!  I met with the Dr. Berkson.  He had legitimate concerns about all the medicine I am currently taking...specifically all the immunosuppressants.  He would like to see me off the prednisone and the Cellcept as soon as possible...if possible.  He would prefer me to be on the Alpha Lipoic Acid infusion with a low dose naltrexone along with various supplements he suggested.  Naltrexone is an opiod receptor antagonist.   The 50mg dose was FDA approved in 1984 for patients addicted to heroin and opium addicts.  When given in smaller doses...such as 3-5mg it works to up regulate the immune system with no toxicity.  I don't understand all the science behind it, but those of you who are interested in science, microbiology and chemistry...feel free to check out this site regarding LDN:  This is the reason my sweet dad is with me...they (my dad and Dr. Berkson). started down a road of molecular biology and I just kinda glazed over not understanding most of it, but was encouraged by the specific patient success and studies.

He gave us LOTS of scientific evidence of Alpha Lipoic Acid in conjunction with a low dose naltrexone and its positive effects on various diseases and name a few: diabetes, liver cancer, Hep C patients, pancreatic cancer and obviously autoimmune diseases like RA...and any disease in the Lupus family!  I don't want to suggest it is a panacea by any means, because I am sure there are failures....but I think that it works for some....and truly convinced that it works for my disease state specifically. 

I know that was alot of "science", but I want to share this with those who may be struggling in their next move medically.  I am not suggesting that this treatment is for is just an option to consider. 

Finally, I did receive my first ALA infusion this afternoon.  I started out today on a low dose to make sure I reacted ok.  The only reaction really associated with the infusion is it can crash your blood sugar.  My dad and I had a big lunch and I did great...although the poor lady next to me only ate a piece of cheese and almost passed out!  Note to good protein before every infusion! 

Tomorrow I start on my 2 a day schedule!  EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!

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