Sunday, March 13, 2011

Funny Story

We are finally in Las Cruces, settling into our hotel/home.  I am looking forward to tomorrow and don't know what it might bring....but expecting great things over the next couple of weeks/months!

Wanted to share this funny story:

My dad and I stayed in Santa Fe last night for fun.  We vacationed there as a family on our way to Colorado when we were my daddy wanted to see the old stompin' grounds.  We got up this morning, found a cute cafe, and then proceeded to the Old Town Plaza.  Now, when I was a kid, my dad would take us girls down to the square to buy the Indian's jewelry.  This is where I was suppose to learn the fine art of "haggling" the price!  He would watch us with our allowance try to bring down the price of $5 bracelets. I was prepared to "wow" him today with my skill after 25 years...

I am disheartened by the presence of the sweet Indians in the Plaza of Santa Fe.  A few things I saw out of place for this "historical" setting....first, one of them was drinking Starbucks; second, my dad noticed two of them were asleep; and finally...they ALL take Visa/MC/Discover!  As far as "haggling"....there was none...set prices and NONE of them were willing to budge....and we thought this was a bad economy....

Nothing to really report about medical stuff today, but thought these stories were funny....

Ledzinski Boy update:  Adam and Taylor are BOTH up and skiing!  Adam is riding the ski lifts and skied a Blue run today!  Taylor is still on the bunny slope, but he is only 2!  We are proud of him for making it that far.  Adam will not even go in to eat lunch....he says, no..I don't want to eat, I'm skiing!

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